February 28, 2012

Peace and quiet…

It has been very quiet over here…I know. Trust me I’m haunted daily by Blog Neglect Guilt Syndrome. How do my favorite artist + mom bloggers (esp. Anna Maria) keep up? I have no idea. I often wonder if they sleep. They all seem to have pretty rosey glows so I’m doubting that my initial vampire theory has any merit. Without my 8-9 hours I’m completely unfunctional. Not to mention cranky. Along with not getting enough sleep, I know it’s unhealthy to compare myself or to dwell on BNGS. So I’m working to find peace with what I can and can’t keep up with. 


Speaking of peace (and that oh so clever tie in), I’ve added these peace prints available in three different colors to my etsy shop. If you have girls like mine, they can’t seem to get enough of this trendy symbol. My peace signs are working a modern mixed media style with a graphic black and white twist. 


Now to get back to the 15 other things on my list. I’ll return just as soon as I can. Peace out.


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