November 1, 2010

A winning post

A couple of posts back, I alluded to big new of some sort. Well here it is. Last month, I entered a contest that called my name. GGP (General Growth Properties…owner/developers of about 200 shopping malls across the country) were looking for a creative sort to write a daily blog about all things holiday from November 1st until December 31st. I was having one of those days with an extra hour or two (kind of like here) and thought,  “sure, why not?” I went to work on all the submission material they requested and the rest is history. You can read more on the Merrier Shopping blog were I’ll be writing every day until the new year.

You’ll want to check it out as I’ve come up with a binder system to organize the holidays with free printables for gift lists, baking and more. I’ll also have holiday related posts including gift ideas, crafts, recipe exchanges, fabulous giveaways and stress checks to keep the season merry.

Just so you know, I’ll still be posting over here too. Certainly not “daily posting” unless my cloning machine comes back from the repair shop. I have no idea what’s taking them so long.


  1. Congrats!! What a neat feather-in-the-cap for you…enjoy this opportunity!!!

    Dave — November 1, 2010 @ 8:36 pm
  2. Hey June, that is awesome! Have lot’s of fun writing every day!!!! You rock!!!! It’s always such an inspiration to stop by here!!! Thanks for sharing, smiles, Anke ;)

    Anke — November 4, 2010 @ 3:00 pm
  3. I can’t wait to check out the Merrier Shopping Blog!

    By the way, are you on Twitter and Facebook too?! I’d love to connect and refer my friends to your amazing site!

    Sunday — November 19, 2010 @ 12:07 am

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