February 12, 2015

Back by Popular Demand: The Original Lunch Survey


So forever ago, I came up with the lunch survey. It was my way to find out what actually goes on with my sweet little munchkins while they were away at school for 7+ hours per day. As everybody knows the lunch period is a pretty good indicator of what’s happening (socially in particular) on any given school day. Plus it’s fun for the kids to find “notes” in their lunch bag. I know at one point my firstborn was printing out ten copies a day to distribute to her cafeteria table who also insisted on submitting survey results to their parents. I realized then I was on to something. The survey has appeared in several magazines including Family Fun. I get emails about it constantly which I totally appreciate. I love knowing that others are finding it as fun and informative as my kids and I did and still do. So here it is again. I’m offering the printout for private use only.

To print the survey, please click here.

If you would like to do something bigger with the survey than your own family please contact me. Thank you and enjoy! DaleySignaturelowres

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