December 16, 2008

Eye candy

I managed to hold myself back and only produce six varieties this year…that being from top left, peppermint crunch, bear claws, caramel swirl pretzel rods, toffee bars, monogrammed chocolate D’s and chocolate covered Oreos. yummmmm…

These little chocolates were new for me this year. I was at the counter, ready to purchase all of my candy making supplies, when I spotted the monogram candy molds. I’m a sucker (catch that candy pun?!) for type so the D mold quickly found itself in my cart. The helpful candy lady, sensing my enthusiasm about the prospect of making initial chocolates, pointed out the little foil wrappers in aisle three. She explained how to wrap the hardened chocolate and then lightly rub the front of the candy to make the D show through the foil. How cool is that?

Dare I say, I got a bit carried away? Although easy enough to make, wrapping all of these little guys took some time. I caught my hubby rolling his eyes once or twice at my idea of “scaled back” candy making. Worth it in the end, the red foil D’s were the perfect bits of sparkle to pull the whole candy box presentation together.

Here’s a peek into one of the final boxes for friends, family and teachers. Next week cookies. Let’s wait until January to talk about the gym.
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  1. Wow, when I look at this I’m so glad to be your friend because that means I might get a box. :)

    Susan Hines-Brigger — December 17, 2008 @ 2:15 pm
  2. Wowza, you are simply amazing!!! I am quite the cookie baker, but I have never tried candy. They are just incredible!
    Have a wonderful holiday (I’ll actually be in Cincinnati!).

    MB Shaw — December 18, 2008 @ 3:23 am

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