March 22, 2009

Free home addition

Subtracting can be a funny thing. Especially when you think about it in terms of cleaning out, decluttering, organizing, rethinking all of that “stuff.” Sometimes you have to subtract to add space, gain perspective and enjoy what you already have. Less IS more. Drawers, closets, maybe even a room can be added free of charge just for subtracting. I’m a big believer in the one bag in, two bags out rule. When one bag comes in from the thrift stores, yard sales or wherever else, I try to make sure I’m sending out an equal amount…better yet more.

An illustration about subtracting was the perfect opportunity to finally use the vintage flashcards I picked up a few months ago…decluttering the art related stockpile is another story by the way. It was the last day of this retreat, when instructor Michael deMeng announced to us eager students that we should look through and take anything we wanted from the shared mixed media goody pile. I spyed boxes of vintage flash cards and admittedly geeked out. I shoved them into my already overflowing supply bag while holding the art created in class plus my 50lb+ art bin. Well the cards spilled. Everywhere. Michael joked, “you’re losing your flashcards.” Which was really funny…since it was true literally and figuratively. I laughed, blushed a little and reasoned that he understood (artists and our cool junk) as I hurried to gather up the ever multiplying cards.

As I was finishing up the piece above, another idea came to me. While I was on my flashcard kick with numbers and signs floating around I went for it. More flashcard inspired art currently drying. I’ll be sure to add that piece later this week.

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