September 21, 2010

Illness in the family

For the past few weeks, my three-year-old helper had not been acting like herself. She was leaving spots, traces of food and not drying things completely. Finally she just quit…refusing to do anything. I called for help immediately. Yesterday, the repairman delivered the news in a harsh way, like a doctor lacking people skills. He gruffly stated, “Her heater is out. I need to order a new one. It won’t be in for at least a week.” I replied in a shocked voice, “Are you kidding me? A week??!” I figured his diagnosis had to be an attempt at some sort of sick humor. Surely he had a part out on his truck that could replace the broken one within the hour. He looked me squarely in the eye and scowled, “No joke maam. I’ll be back in a week.” Then off he went with his toolbox leaving me with her and a sink full of dishes. I heard myself gasp.

At least the day I brought her home, I was feeling protective and opted to purchase the extended warranty plan. Dishwasher health insurance makes bad news slightly more tolerable. I wonder how many times we’ll order pizza this week?

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