December 30, 2009

One sweet iPod

I’m finally back. I see that Penny did a nice job of filling you in while I was baking, wrapping, entertaining, cooking, laughing, enjoying and eating…way too much eating. And like she said, two days after we’re Merry Christmasing, it’s time for Happy Birthday. ahhhhh yes…the Christmastime Birthday syndrome…Ours is a cute 11 year old girl who happens to now own a green iPod.

So here’s a peek at the cake I came up with to kick off her year. Simple…really. Just a cake baked in a rectangular 9″ x 13″ pan and frosted in iPod green with white and black for the details. The little wires are red licorice left over from the Rudolphs and the ear buds are mounds of white icing with a few details piped in black. Granted everything would look sleeker in fondant, but for taste we all prefer plain old buttercream icing.

Off the subject of cake, are iPods A*M*A*Z*I*N*G or what??! I remember my black/no color Walkman…kindoflike having a stereo attached to your waist. And those
headphones?!? (I’m betting very few birthday cakes were modeled on that technology.) More confirmation that Mom and Dad truly lived with the dinosaurs.
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