May 29, 2010

Picking time well spent

These days I’m really busy. Busy with more work and projects and ventures than I’ve had for awhile. And that’s saying a lot. I could easily let myself drown if I’m not careful. But today I woke up and stubbornly decided that work or no work, I was not going to miss strawberry season. So the girls and I took off for the pick-it-yourself field right after they rubbed the sleep from their eyes.

I’m thinking it’s important every once-in-awhile to get the behind-the-scenes tour…

and keep in touch with where food really comes from…the beginnings, the inbetweens and the delicious endings.

Nora stayed close while Cara wandered the field in search of the very best berries (but we won’t go into my sweet picker perfectionist : ) While I was busy filling our strawberry bin, Nora took my camera to snap a few of her own strawberry photos. Here’s what I saw her carefully arranging and photographing when I turned around…

Tell me that girl isn’t really funny. Her 5-year-old creativity amazes me. seriously.

We managed to pick nearly 15 lbs of berries in under an hour. Strawberry shortcake is on the menu tonight and tomorrow and maybe the next night.

Back at the strawberry weigh-and-pay, we met some fuzzy duckling friends that amused us and yes I’ll admit to having a sudden urge to paint ducks.

Today’s morning was certainly more memorable and inspiring than where I’m sitting now. I’m reminding myself that I need to make time for random outings. Because who wants to read a post about the lady behind her computer all day anyway? Enough said.

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