June 21, 2011

Substantial Homework: The Quilt Project Update

Five weeks have passed since my first modern quilting class. Even though the class description mentioned “substantial homework“, I really had no idea what I  signed up for. I found they weren’t kidding about the homework at least in my case. My fellow classmates just happened to be super sewers, hardly beginner quilters. I often looked around for hidden cameras thinking I was being punked for some reality sewing show. I reread the class description…yes…intro to quilting. Hmmmm…I was suspicious. Where did these ladies find the time to get all of those blocks completed? Two with kids younger than me…that friendly Jessica with a newborn! Clocking 65 mph on the sewing machine and still maintaining 1/4″ seams?! How did they make all of those cuts and actually have blocks the same size as the pattern?! Thankfully (even though I still suspect they have trunks filled with gorgeous handsewn quilts hidden in attics), they’re a great group and completely supportive. Heather, the instructor, has also been a gentle source of encouragement from week to week. To be here today with both a complete quilt top and quilt back is amazing to say the least. It has been good for me to step out of my comfort zone and attempt a project that seemed all big and scary. The class has kept me on track. My sewing skills and math (did you know about the math?!) are also improving rather nicely.

Class this week will be making the quilt sandwich. Say a prayer (or fourteen) that my top and bottom actually kindof match and it all works out.  The final class will be edging and then I’ll have my very own handmade 74″ x 74″ quilt ready to live on the family room sofa. Exciting, to say the least. Quilting is like running a marathon. Hopefully, I’ll be able to save enough steam for the final stretch.

I’m pretty sure my family members are excited to be done with pin minefields happening here in just about every room. We’re typically a no-shoes-in-the-house family, but this quilt project has been leaving pins everywhere making ‘no shoes’ dangerous. Even I can’t explain where they’re all coming from. Yesterday the Mr. Funny Guy I married, pretended to have a pin stuck all the way through his big toe. Hilarious. Actually, the pets and small children have averted serious injury to date so we’re good.

In other quilting news, imagine my glee when I found this iron at a yard sale. I initially fell in love with the Oliso iron at Sewn studio a.k.a. quilting class headquarters.  It’s an iron with little feet that lift up when you release the handle and go down when you touch the handle. Therefore, you never have to prop the iron up on its side between presses. It’s the most amazing super steam iron I have ever used. After a couple times using this, just try to go back to a cheapie. Trust me, it’s painful. But the retail price which falls between $110 and $160 is pretty painful too. So when I stumbled across a brand new/never been used/still in the package/Oliso iron at a yard sale for $20 you had better believe I had a moment. It makes seam pressing a breeze. Talk about luck. Just love those summer yard sales.

Now I’ll be getting back to everything else neglected since the start of the great quilt project. Look for the final reveal coming soon…

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  1. June!!!! Congratulations!!!!! Yes stepping out of the comfort zone feels nice and reengerizing….I kind of do the same lately with drawing…I’m not a super talent but it’s fun to draw some funny ideas I have in my head. I’m kind of inspired from a super talented woman in my life right now, thanks to my brother, it’s his girlfriend and she is drawing amazingly unique as well her creative spirit! So much fun to share creativity!!!!

    So be careful in the needle mine field… I can relate right there… happens to fast too, to loose them,lol!

    Smiles, Anke ;)

    Anke — June 24, 2011 @ 8:56 am

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